Does your pup love the smell of fresh beef jerky?
Well we have just what they want! Our beef jerky is always made fresh and completely safe for them. Unlike beef jerky made for human consumption, we make ours with your furry friend in mind.

All of our jerky is smoked with applewood, and without the seasoning and marinates that human jerky has.

Ingredients- Grass feed Beef


*This is meant for an occasional treat. *These are not meant to be replacement meals.
*We don’t recommend over feeding this treat.
* Don’t feed if your furry friend has a beef allergy.

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    2 reviews for SMOKED BEEF JERKY

    1. Amanda Dunn

      10 out of 10 for Tiny happiness!!! She would fill her belly on these, if I let her!

      • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

        Happiness is our goal! Along with butt wiggles and kisses. So happy you and tiny are part of our Ulti-Mutt family! It has been an absolute joy.

    2. Rebecca Wingard

      If your dog hasn’t tried these, I suggest you snag a bag! Snazzy Dog’s dogs approve 👌

      • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

        So that’s where they have all been going 🤣 thank you snazzy dog’s

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