You sniffed them out! Our number 1 treat. Two classic favorites mixed together in one ultimutt treat!
Each time you reach for this Ulti-Mutt dog treat bag they will be right there, begging for more.

Our organic dog treats are made fresh, with no preservatives, chemicals, dyes, filler or by products. Only real, human grade ingredients that are raised and grown in Alabama.

Our peanut butter bacon treat is made with our homemade peanut butter and real, fresh bacon that won’t disappoint. Also, with organic coconut flour (low glycemic index) which is a great anti inflammatory and it won’t spike your dogs blood sugar levels. Our dog treat is grain and gluten free, has healthy fats, low carb. and no sugar. This dog treat is easy to digest and won’t trigger food intolerances. Which makes them great for all dogs.

Bag Sizes are small 4oz, medium 7oz and large 16oz


Earn up to 200 points.

This is a treat, as recommended, treats should not consume more than 10% of their daily diet.

These are not meant to replace their normal feeding.

Ingredients- Peant butter, natural bacon, organic coconut flour, organic buckwheat flour, cinnamon, raw honey

Guarantee analysis- crude protein 12%, crude fat 24%, crude fiber 6%, moisture 5%


  1. Teresa Mann

    We love Ulti Mutt and very thankful for their hard work and what they put into their dog treats! Our buddies absolutely love these treats and it really doesn’t matter which they are because they love their wholesome ingredients! Thank you for providing natural treats and for caring what goes into our babies!

  2. Kristy

    A guilt free snack for our guy! He loves them and I don’t have to feel bad giving them to him. Nothing but wholesome ingredients.

    • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

      We believe you should never feel bad or guilty giving your dog a treat!
      So happy we can take that worry away. It has been an absolute pleasure having you in our Ulti-Mutt family.

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