Single ingredient chew your dog will love. We locally source our cow ears from a farm in Lineville, Alabama.

Each ear is slow smoked for a more flavorful taste and air dried.

Benefits of a cow ear: The hair, while not attractive to humans, works like a brush and eliminates toxins and bacteria out of your dogs digestive system. The ear which is made up of cartilage, provides a rich source of collagen, protein and glucosamine. They promote canine dental health. It is also low in calories, making it a great treat for dogs slightly overweight. Cow ears with hair are also a natural dewormer!


Ingredient: Cow Ear


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Note: We are not recommending replacing their normal dewormer regiment.

Recommendation: This is a chew, keep an eye on your pup and remove any small pieces that could cause choking.

1 review for COW EAR WITH HAIR

  1. Paula Reaves

    When I read ALL the benifits of these “Cow Ear” treats, I’m like my Pups need this in their treat regiment – And my BIG Shepard LOVES them, and is one of the only things that takes a bit if time for him to finish! 🤗

    • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

      All I can think of is the first time you received a box with a cow ear in it! You’re reaction was priceless 😂 I throughly enjoyed our conversation about them and seeing trumps introduction to his first cow ear. And now having them as part of his treat regiment.

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