Are you looking for a healthy treat for your dog? Does your dog have special diet needs? Well this would be it. This is our special diet dog treat. Made with low protein, low fat (pancreatitis), low potassium (for dogs with kidney disease) However your dog doesn’t need to have specific dietary requirements to enjoy this healthy dog treat!

Our hypoallergenic dog treats are made fresh, with no preservatives, chemicals, dyes, filler or by products. Only real, human grade ingredients that are raised and grown in Alabama.

Our berry bites treat is made with real, fresh apples, blueberries and carrots. It also has organic buckwheat flour (low glycemic index and NOT a grain) which it won’t spike your dogs blood sugar levels. Our dog treat is grain and gluten free, low carb. and no added sugar. Which makes them a plant-based dog treat. This dog treat is easy to digest and won’t trigger food intolerances. Which makes them great for all dogs.

Bag Sizes are small 4oz, medium 7oz and large 16oz

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This is a treat, as recommended, treats should not consume more than 10% of their daily diet.

These are not meant to replace their normal feeding.


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