A dog treat that packs a nutritional punch, and we mean a punch!

Liver is a beneficial vitamin-rich protein that dogs can eat daily. Packed with vitamin A, B2, B9, B12 and D as well as folic acid, iron, zinc and copper.

Providing benefits such as a powerful antioxidant. Supporting digestion and organ health. Regulating body temperatures. Improving immune function and helping fight against infectious diseases, autoimmune and cancers. As well as helping to support mental, nervous system, bone, joint and muscle health.

Liver will also help eliminate toxins out of the blood.

Didn’t we say it packs a punch? Here at Ulti-Mutt we love to give our dogs liver. It’s such a health benefit and we want our dogs to live long happy lives.

We get our beef liver from a local cattle farmer here in Alabama. Their cows are pasture raised and grass fed and finished. Each batch of liver is made with fresh beef liver. ( cattle was processed within 2-3 weeks prior) So your dog will be getting a fresh, healthy treat.

Each batch is slowly dried and has a consistency almost like jerky. We don’t add any preservatives, seasonings or additives to our liver.

16oz bag

Feed recommendation-

You can feed as a treat or add to their food bowls. It is recommended to be 5-10% of their daily caloric intake. If your dog has never eaten liver or any organ meat. Start slow. It’s always best to slowly introduce new foods into your dogs diet. This will avoid any upset stomachs.

Ingredients- farm fresh beef liver

Guarantee analysis- Crude Protein 50%, Crude Fat 7%, Crude Fiber 0

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