Beef heart may not be a humans first go too, but even the pickiest of dogs go crazy for fresh ingredients. Offering them beef heart is a boost of vitamins and minerals and can turn meal time into a treat.

Heart serves as both a muscle and an organ. What that means for your pup is, they will reap the benefits of a quality protein source and vitamins and minerals.

Our beef heart comes from a family owned farm in Heflin Alabama, is USDA inspected and human grade.

Bag size 16oz

Ingredients- Beef Heart


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    1 review for BEEF HEART

    1. Dana Griggs

      I met Jennifer at Barn of Blooms at the Spring Market. I bought dried beef hearts for my 3 Husky mixes. They loved them! I feel good giving this treat to them and am so glad to have found Ulti-Mutt Bakery. I just created a subscription order for the hearts and livers! Thanks, Jennifer!!

      • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

        It was a pleasure meeting you! We are so happy your huskies loved the treats. We look forward to getting to know you and the pups more in the future.
        Thank you

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