Sprinkle, wag, sprinkle, wag

We are sprinkling in the fun on meal time!

Meal time should excite your dog, a food topper can help increase your dog’s nutrition and get their tail wagging. So add some slobber topper to your dogs food and it will never be boring again.

Our Slobber topper is made with real, farm fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. Enhancing meal time with real food and real nutrients. With our slobber topper, your dogs food will pack an extra punch of nutrition. Promoting better digestive health, immune health, brain function, nerve health. Stronger bones and joint mobility. Encourage a shiny coat and healthy skin.  It will also aid in calming anxiety and stress they have.

Sprinkle over food, approximately a teaspoon.

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Earn up to 110 points.

Ingredients- Beef liver, Squash, Blueberry, Apple, Cranberry, Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, Beets, Turmeric, Ginger.
Guaranteed analysis- crude protein 24%, crude fat 5%, crude fiber 7%, moisture 12%

This is a treat and make not claims of diagnosis or treating any symptoms.

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Sample bottle, Ulti-Mutt bag


  1. Teresa Mann

    We had the opportunity to try the slobber topper about a week ago! My big boy absolutely loved the taste!! He gobbled up his food when I put it on top and it’s all natural and no harmful chemicals and for that I’m so thankful for Ulti Mutt Bakery!!

    • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

      So happy he loved it! Thank you for being part of the Ulti-Mutt family!

  2. Paula Reaves

    1st ingredient “Beef Liver” – That’s AWESOME 🤗
    And following that are some other AMAZING fruit and veggies that are not only GOOD for us Hoomans, but our Fur Babies too – Mine Gobbled up their food when I sprinkled some of this “Slobber Topper” on to it❣🐶

    • Jennifer Kendall, Owner

      Making meal time fun! With NO extra slobber added 😂 happy to know mama is happy with what’s in it and the pups love the taste!

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