10 fun and interesting facts about dogs

May 31, 2023

Life is full of interesting things and the dog world is no exception! Going through my canine nutrition classes and research, I’ve come across some fascinating facts. Yes! Some are simply for fun, but others are useful in caring for our pets.

Here are 10 fun and interesting things about our four legged friends.

  1. Dogs have a wet nose to help them smell better. The moisture helps to absorb scent chemicals, which are then detected by the olfactory system.
  2. A dog can “speak” through tail wagging. A low tail wag means they are fearful or defensive. The faster the wag the more emotions they are expressing.
  3. Dogs have a fraction of amylase enzymes which digests carbohydrates compared to humans.
  4. Dogs have three eyelids. The third eyelid, called the nictitating membrane, helps to protect and moisten the eye.
  5. Some dogs can smell their owners from a mile away, thanks to their incredible sense of smell.
  6. The tallest dog on record was a Great Dane named Zeus who stood at a whopping 44 inches tall at the shoulder!
  7. Dogs can hear sounds up to four times farther away than humans can.
  8. Poodles were originally bred to be water retrievers, and their distinctive haircuts were designed to help them move through the water more efficiently.
  9. Dogs pick foods based first on smell, then texture and lastly taste.
  10. Dogs eyes glow in photos due to a reflective membrane layer in the back of their eye called tapetum. This improves the low light vision for many animals, which humans don’t have.

Dogs are fun aren’t they? So many things about them that make them so unique.

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